There were a few career benchmarks left for Christina Aguilera’s career – a Maxim cover, a greatest hits album, that sort of thing. Now the singer, formerly known as Xtina has ticked one off the list with her first cover for the high-profile men’s magazine. On the saucy cover, Aguilera poses provocatively in a black bra and white button down. The entire piece features several seductive shots of the songstress, as well as a full-length interview. In it, Christina talks about her turn-ons, her definition of sexy – all the things you’d expect her to talk about in Maxim, really.

Christina Aguilera, NBC Summer Press Tour
At 32, the singer and mother of one is at the height of her career.

"I'm such a down-to-earth girl, I'm comfortable in just a jersey and boy's underwear. Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do. Sexiness should be effortless," she says at one point. Then again, that photoshoot probably required several stylists, hairdressers, makeup and lighting experts, so pardon us if we take that comment with a big pinch of salt.

Christina Aguilera, TIME 100 Gala
Perfect time for a Maxim cover.

As for the quickest way to Aguilera’s heart, whatever it is, you shouldn’t try singing. At one point in the interview, the 32-year-old singer was asked whether she needed potential suitors to match her singing abilities, to which she replied: "Not at all! The quickest way for me to feel weird and run for the hills is if somebody sits down and serenades me with a guitar. It's not my thing."

So, there you have it – if you’re going for Ms Aguilera – less singing and more effortless sex appeal would be your best bets.

Christina Aguilera, The Voice Screening
After her numerous image changes, Aguilera now endorses effortless beauty.