Christina Aguilera has been out of the spotlight for a number of years while she settles into being a mum, but with her return to the public eye in her role as the voice coach in The Voice and the imminent release of her forthcoming album 'Lotus' the singer has spoken about her distaste for the media in a no-holds-barred conversation. 

The 'Can't Hold Us Down' singer reinforces her lyrics, as the Hollywood Reporter writes about her Q&A session at the Billboard/THR Music Conference. She said "Now everyone is a critic," she said "I'm a mother. I'm a businesswoman. I have a zillion and one things going on in my head, on my plate, creatively. I put my son to bed then I go right into my backyard, which is my studio house. It's a lot. I really truly don't have time for the static noise. It's just not real. They're not real magazines. It's trash. It's rumours." Further stating that she simply wants to "stay hungry and stay eager and be the best [she] can be." 

Aguilera's sentiments are certainly good advice for the young hopefuls whom she's currently acting as voice coach to on talent show, The Voice. Speaking about that role she criticized Simon Cowell and American Idol."I saw the commercials early on of American Idol of Simon being a d***. I was like, 'Man, that's not what it's about!' I didn't want to treat people like that. I wanted to do The Voice to show that we can be positive. We don't have to knock people down." For all the good advice, it might be worth while to mention not to use quite so many expletives as Aguilera seems to do, dropping F-bombs, S-bombs and D-bombs all over the shop. We at ContactMusic are looking forward to her upcoming album 'Lotus which is set for release on November 13th 2012.