We guess the headline just about says it all. Yes, while President Obama was debating with Mitt Romney in Denver this week, Hilary Clinton was staring into the deepest darkest depths of Christina Aguilera’s cleavage. Confused? Read on.

The Secretary of State was on hand for the 11th annual George McGovern Leadership Awards ceremony, held at the U.S. Department of State. A pretty swanky soiree. Anyway, Aguilera was one of the honorees for her work as an Ambassador Against Hunger For the United Nations World Food Program. Though an easy target for mocking – and a favorite of the tabloid press – Aguilera has actually helped raise nearly $115 million for the organization. During Wednesday’s ceremony, Christina was honored by Clinton, who seemed to be fixated with the singer’s cleavage as she handed over the award. An image emerging online shows the Secretary of State in a trance like state as she stares at the 31-year-old’s chest. Clinton eventually managed to find the words to thank Aguilera for her efforts, before the pair joined a round table talk with Yum! Brand boss David Novak to discuss how the campaign can go even further to tackle hunger in impoverished nations.

Before the event, ‘The Voice’ coach Christina had tweeted, “In DC for the George McGovern Leadership Awards at the US Department of State. Proud to use my voice for good & help fromhungertohope.com.”