Christina Applegate has defended her right to voice her opinion about social issues.

The 45-year-old actress has insisted that even though she is a celebrity, she is still entitled to her own point of view.

In a lengthy Twitter rant, Christina said: ''weird to me when you say I can't have a voice .I'm also a mother,a daughter and a human.i was birthed the same way you were.

''I find it so offensive when people say those of us can't talk. You talk! You spew So I'm exempt? Because I chose my work? What the f**k???

''I grew up on an abusive home. Now I make it public. Don't you dare say I don't understand.

''Don't you dare say I don't understand the struggles. We lived on food stamps. Don't you dare say I don't know.

''Don't you dare say that because I made a life for me and my single mother I don't undertand.

''Don't you dare say that I don't get it. Because I am an actress I don't get it. That's f**ked up (sic)''

The 'Vacation' actress - who has a six-year-old daughter called Sadie with her husband Martyn LeNoble - subsequently apologised for her bad language, but insisted she felt extremely passionate about the issue and was determined to get her view across.

She wrote: ''So many typos because I was angry. Sorry to my husband who said '' check your spelling and punctuation '' as I was enraged.

''Sorry for my outburst. I'm just trying to deal with everything. As a mom I just want a safe place for her. I'm sorry for my language. (sic)''

Earlier this month, Christina was one of several big-name actresses who took to the streets of Los Angeles for the Women's March.

The movement, which seeks equality for women, was also supported by the likes of Laverne Cox, Kerry Washington and Natalie Portman.