Christina Applegate does the school run in her pyjamas.

The 'Bad Moms' actress - who has five-year-old Sadie with husband Martyn LeNoble - doesn't worry about always being well groomed when she leaves the house because she isn't bothered about what people think of her.

She said: ''I don't care what anyone thinks of me, in the sense of I go pick up my daughter in pyjamas and dirty hair that I haven't washed up in seven days.

''I haven't had a proper pedicure or manicure in about a year and a half, so I'm really not that guy who cares if people are judging me as a parent or a human.''

The 44-year-old actress only likes to take on one job a year so she can be at home for her daughter as much as possible.

She said: ''I'm going back to being a mom. I consider myself a stay-at-home mom.

''I do like, a job a year to pay some bills and a little voiceover or something or an endorsement - trying to find work that doesn't take me away from my kid.

''So, right now, we're just gearing up for kindergarten. We're going from a little teeny hippie pre-school to 600 kids in a public school.''

Christina loves spending time with her ''goofy'' little girl.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''When I was my daughter's age I was incredibly shy. I was shy up until I ended 'Married... With Children'. I started getting goofy in my 30s. But she's got all that now.

''And I realise she's such a goof with her weird accents and stories and mannerisms.

''She was polishing my toenails the other day and we put on meditation music because we pretend it's a spa and there's a video of her sitting there and someone asks what she's doing.

''She look at the camera and goes, in a Russian accent, 'I'm doing spa treatment, OK? Go on Go on.' And then she started painting.''