Christina Applegate has planned ''very strict rules'' if her daughter wants to be an actress.

The 'Bad Moms' star - who has seven-year-old Sadie with husband Martyn LeNoble - would insist the youngster finished her education so she always had options to fall back on, and would want her to take acting classes in order to be the ''best'' she could possibly be.

Asked if Sadie is showing signs of following in her footsteps, she said: ''She's very entertaining and has a lot of accents in her repertoire, she's such a goof ball.

''She loves playing piano, she thinks she wants to be a singer [at the moment] but if she wants to be an actress, I have a very strict rule that she has to study acting until she's 18 and then if she wants to have that as a job, she has the right to make that decision.

''Under my roof you train and be the best you can be, and also have a good education because the chances of being successful in this business... it's really hard.''

It's not been very long since Sadie found out her 46-year-old mom is ''famous''.

Christina recalled to People Now: ''One of her friends told her, 'You know your mom is famous?' She was like, 'What? Momma, what does that mean and are you famous?' I was like, Oh are we having this conversation? It's not that, I work where people see it and they know who I am.' ''

The 'Anchorman' actress claims she can largely go unrecognised when she does the school run, but she stunned some of the kids there when she arrived one day straight from work.

She said: ''No one knows who I am at school because I have a mom bun and I'm filthy, all the time. I never wear make-up.

''The one time I went to her school after almost two years, I came from a work thing and I had my hair down and make-up on, I was so self-conscious about it.

''I sat down at the lunch tables to wait for her and I had this swam of fifth graders, 'Are you...? I'm like, 'I work with you in the library all the time, you see me all the time.' ''