Christina Milian and her boyfriend Matt Pokroa reportedly had almost $100,000 of valuables stolen from their home in the San Fernando Valley.

The 36-year-old singer's property was broken into at around 1pm on Friday (24.08.18) and the criminals headed straight toward their bedroom, where they grabbed jewellry and watches, according to TMZ.

Christina and her boyfriend - who is also a singer - were out of the country at the time of the robbery.

The couple left their alarm on when they left home, but the thieves managed to beat the security system and also escape the attention the LAPD, who are now trying to track them down.

Meanwhile, Christina previously revealed she decided to open up about her abusive ex-boyfriend because she wanted to help other abuse victims.

The singer spoke out about a terrifying incident - which occurred when she was just 17 - when her boyfriend pulled a gun on her.

She shared: ''I opened up about my experience with domestic abuse because I think it's something that is so hidden and so in the dark. The unfortunate thing of going through something like that is you just kind of feel like you're alone.

''I want to let girls and just anybody going through that know that they're not the only ones that have been through it, and you can make your way out, and to be confident and feel better about themselves.

''It's technically a brainwashing situation and it takes a lot to rebuild your confidence. But you can do it. Listen to that voice in your head that's telling you that you need to leave.''

Christina - who has an eight-year-old daughter called Violet - managed to leave her unnamed ex in New York and moved to Los Angeles to start a new life.