Chrissy Teigen used to rummage through the bins for food.

The 33-year-old model has revealed she used to be obsessed with the homemade chips with a chipotle bbq sauce that a company she worked for sold, so she would wait for customers to toss out their unwanted grub and she'd devour it five hours later.

Taking to her Twitter account, Chrissy said when asked what the most unprofessional thing she's done at work was: ''when they made me fill the register with my own money because it was off at the end of the night. also, eating from the trash (sic).''

When questioned what she ate from the bins, she replied: ''there used to be a place called Tocano or something. They made house made potato chips with a chipotle bbq sauce. This was my lunch every day for a year. someone threw it out and I pulled the pins and tags out and ate it 5 hours later (sic).''

But other people's half-eaten meals aren't the only thing Chrissy doesn't mind chomping on as she recently admitted she'd willingly eat a human.

She said recently: ''There's actually nothing I wouldn't eat or wouldn't drink or wouldn't try. If the person okayed it, I would eat a human.

''If you were at a very fancy restaurant and they were like a tiny piece of human meat you wouldn't try a tiny bite?''

Chrissy - who has Luna, three, and Miles, 17 months, with husband John Legend - is no stranger to having weird tastebuds though, after she recently responded to a video of a ''deep fried BBQ chicken stuffed pizzadilla'' - which contained 33 ingredients and left most Internet users feeling horrified - and she said it looked ''fantastic''.

But the cookbook author defended herself after fans questioned her eating habits, as she admitted she had been suffering from a stomach bug for ''over a month'', which had left her unable to keep down any of her favourite treats.

She said: ''I've had a stomach virus for over a month and can't eat what I want. I think it's messing with my mind.''