Chrissy Teigen needs subtitles to watch 'Love Island'.

The 33-year-old model is an avid watcher of the popular UK dating show - but Chrissy has admitted she struggles to understand the accents and slang used by the contestants.

She wrote on Twitter: ''Not only do I need captions for Love Island UK, I need them to be bigger and I need to be able to play the show at half speed like a poscast. help @hulu I want to understand (sic)''

Chrissy - who has kids Luna, three, and 17-month-old Miles with husband John Legend - subsequently asked her followers to explain one particular expression.

She said: ''What does pied off mean (sic)''

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Chrissy admitted she is sick of having to defend herself from conspiracy theories and rumours.

The model - who has been married to John since 2013 - took to Twitter to hit back at the hurtful things she's forced to read about herself on social media.

In response to one theory, Chrissy tweeted: ''imagine this, all day every day, on every platform. defending yourself, and that defense just meaning you're getting worried. this is the exact type of person I am flooded with all day, every. f***ing. day.

''twitter has honestly done an awesome job with filtering and blocking or if necessary, suspending accounts. instagram is not so good. but I'm not really content anymore with just...not seeing it. I wanna see it and I want to fight this s**t.

''I can tell when people know I'm losing my mind on twitter and they casually text me funny or nice things without addressing that I'm going absolutely apes**t. I see u and I love u

''I really love you guys. I am okay I swear!! There is so much good here, in you, and it is why I stay!! You are quite literally my world. Your friend Chrissy has just HAD IT UP TO HEREEEEEE today (sic)''