Chrissy Teigen confessed she researched her husband John Legend when they first met.

The 33-year-old star opened up about her early romance with the singer, and revealed when they first started dating she heard outrageous claims he was ''modeliser'' or paid ex-girlfriends because he was ''in the closet''.

Speaking in the December issue of Vanity Fair, Chrissy said: ''He was kind of known at the time for either being in the closet or a modeliser.

''I used to go on the websites and it was always either how I was his beard, or how he paid his past serious girlfriends, or how he was with some new model. Oh my god, I would read everything.''

The lovebirds first met in 2007 when Chrissy was asked to star in the music video for his hit 'Stereo'.

They married in September 2013 in Italy and have two children - three-year-old Luna and 17-month-old Miles - together.

John, 40, also revealed the relationship turned serious very quickly as he couldn't resist Chrissy's quick wit.

He added: ''She just entertained the hell out of me, texting me. What people respond to in her tweets today was the same energy in those texts. I didn't know that I wanted someone funny until I was actually with someone funny.''

Meanwhile, the pair seem more in love than ever as Chrissy took to Twitter to gush about her husband, revealing he flew from London to Los Angeles to eat dinner and watch the UK version of 'Love Island' with her.

She wrote: ''I do not normally brag about john, as it is my schtick to make fun of him always, but he flew from London to LA instead of London to DC to have dinner with me and watch love island UK because I haven't been feeling like myself lately. Just a few hours but it meant a lot. Thank u (sic)''

Chrissy later added: ''AND he had to fly on his least favorite airline. That is love (sic)''