Chrissy Teigen has started a new Instagram account.

The 33-year-old model - who is one of the most-followed celebrities on sites such as Twitter and Instagram - has announced via her Twitter page that she's decided to open a new account due to the impending launch of her new website.

Chrissy - whose original account on the photo-sharing platform has more than 26 million followers - wrote: ''I've started another Instagram account in anticipation of my new website!! Or in anticipation of my new website I have started a new Instagram account??? It is CRAVINGSBYCHRISSYTEIGEN on there so please follow it I beg you (sic)''

And following its successful launch, Chrissy added: ''142,000 followers. Guys!!!!!! [praying and love-heart emojis (sic)''

Meanwhile, Chrissy previously acknowledged that the internet has changed her life.

The world-famous model - who has kids Luna, three, and 17-month-old Miles with her husband John Legend - admitted that her use of Twitter and other social media platforms has changed the public's perception of her.

She shared: ''Guys have always come up to me since I did Sports Illustrated. But now, they all say the same thing: 'My girlfriend loves you.' And I couldn't be happier.''

Chrissy also claimed that one of the keys to her relationship with John is their contrasting personalities.

The high-profile duo have been married since 2013 and Chrissy feels that in many ways, they are the perfect foils for each other.

She explained: ''He's quieter than me, which isn't saying much. But he's more thoughtful, whereas I'm spur of the moment.

''I can't hide things very well. If I feel it, you'll see it on my face, but he's better at covering. I was never that big into music. Still to this day, I'm very Top 40. And I'm more emotion-based than him. I can see everybody's side of an argument.''