Ciara applied her own lipstick to speed things up backstage at the American Music Awards.

The 34-year-old singer hosted the annual music awards ceremony over the weekend and in order to keep up with her various outfit changes, she did some of her own make up.

Her make up artist Yolanda Frederick-Thompson said: ''The turn arounds are really quick! We had to find a way to move the needle in sometimes only two minutes! In these instances, she applies her own lip - she thinks she does it faster!''

Ciara has been working with her make up artist since she was 16, when she did her glam look for her prom, and they have grown to trust each other completely.

Frederick-Thompson added: ''I love that she knows exactly what she likes and she trusts me completely to deliver.''

For Ciara's make up artist, the first look is incredibly important as it gives the ''wow'' factor and makes a ''statement''.

She shared: ''The carpet is the statement look it sets the tone. So the pressure begins there to deliver that 'wow factor' then we continue to build towards our final look! It is pretty unexpected for her to go with jewel tones, but the vibrant hue was a success. [We] loved it so much!''

When it comes to Ciara's hair, her stylist Cesar DeLeon Ramirez is keen to bring ''every outfit'' to life.

Speaking about the approach he takes to her locks, he added: ''Tonight my theme is to make every outfit come to life. I believe in complementing the whole look to create a beautiful image.''