Ciara had an ''out-of-body'' experience when her parents divorced after 33 years of marriage.

The 33-year-old singer has revealed her parents decided to split after over three decades of marriage, and Ciara found the experience strange, as she had already given birth to her son Future Zahir, now five, whom she has with ex Future, and believed ''mummy and daddy that made the baby'' should be together forever.

Speaking on 'RuPaul' on Friday (21.06.19), Ciara said: ''Actually, I've never said this before. I think I can see it with okay ... within myself ... my parents were married for 33 years, and they're not together anymore. However, they're both happily married, so ... it's good!

''That was, for me, that was very out-of-body too because imagine, you go through 33 years of mum and dad being together and then when I had my child, my son, my first child, I was like ... I just know mummy and daddy that made the baby is what the scenario is supposed to be. So that was like, whoa, when that happened at that time.''

The 'Level Up' singer eventually split from Future and is now married to Russell Wilson - with whom she has two-year-old daughter Sienna - and says her parents split shortly after the NFL star, whom she married in 2016, came into her life.

When asked if her parents' split happened at the same time she gave birth to Future, she said: ''Actually, yes. My mother and father went separate ways shortly after ... Actually, shortly after Russell came into our lives.''

And although she's sad her parents are no longer together, she insists she's ''happy'' they've both found love with other people.

She said: ''Like I say, my mother and father are now happily married and I never thought that I'd be okay with that, and I really am. I'm happy that they're happy.''