Ciara finds it ''sexy'' that her husband Russell Wilson raises her five-year-old son as his own.

The 'I Bet' hitmaker got together with the 30-year-old American football quarterback when her little boy Future - whom she has with her ex-partner Future - when he was just 10 months old and loves that he ''jumped right in'' and was ''changing diapers'' from the get go.

Speaking to Jada Pinkett Smith on her Facebook 'Red Table Talk', she explained: ''Whenever he would think of me he would always think of my son and to love me is to love my son, we come together. It's a different level of love.

''He was so proud of, like, Future's first steps. When I go to teacher-parent conferences, he's at every one of them with me, and I make sure I schedule it so he can be there. His schedule's crazy, but we make it happen, because those details matter.

''It's honestly one of the most sexiest things about him to me.''

The 33-year-old singer married Russell in 2016 and the pair have two-year-old daughter Sienna together but she'd love to have more children with the sportsman as soon as possible.

Asked if she's thinking of having another baby, she said: ''I do think about it and I do wanna do it again, of course at the right time. There's no perfect timing, but I'm having fun dancing right now with a little flat tummy. So I'm gonna enjoy this.''

Ciara shed 50lbs after giving birth to Sienna and she believes drinking ''tons of water'' was vital for her weight loss, as well as refusing to give into her cravings.

She said: ''Tons of water, water is key and honestly just listening to your body.

''I had to work on mastering that because I love food so much, and food is so good. It's so comforting and the problem is that when it's in your face you want more.

''Finding balance is really key.. That's what I've really been working on and I will tell you it's been a long time, it's hard work trying to do that...I really talk to myself, I'm not going to eat those fries right now...brownie ice cream, I hear you. Imma eat you tomorrow.''