TV cameras were allowed to capture the singer-turned-TV star's funeral in Liverpool, England on Thursday (20Aug15), but Black's relatives asked for her subsequent burial at Allerton Cemetery to remain private.

U.K. newspaper The Sun reports a bar manager named Shane Robinson gatecrashed the burial and took pictures before being ejected, and a spokesman for the family says in a statement, "Having given unprecedented public access, we asked that the burial was to be private for the family. The media respected that 100 per cent. For someone to do this is not only disrespectful but also ghoulish."

Robinson says, "I'm a huge Cilla fan... We didn't speak to any of the celebrities but we were stood really near to them all. I was told after I took the video by security that I wasn't allowed to film and they asked me to put my phone away."

Black died at the age of 72 at her villa in Spain on 1 August (15) after falling over and hitting her head.