The singer and TV star will be honoured with a bronze statue in her image, funded by the late star's three sons in tribute to their mother in her home town.

The statue will be designed and made by Liverpool based artists Emma Rodgers and Andy Edwards and will be cast at the Castle Fine Arts foundry in the city's Baltic Quarter.

It will sit outside the famous music venue in Mathew Street, where The Beatles also found fame.

Cilla's sons Robert, Ben and Jack Willis visited the city last week to look over the proposed designs for the statue which will be double the size of the star in real life, reported the Liverpool Echo (20Mar16).

"We haven’t decided the final pose yet," said Cilla's eldest son Robert. “But we wanted to have something that was a fitting memorial, and something that was also for the people of Liverpool. Those are our two main motivators.

“We were incredibly humbled and grateful for the way the city reacted on hearing about my mum’s passing, and obviously the funeral she had was amazing."

Robert, Cilla's manager when she was alive, has been working with his brothers to find the perfect location for his mother's statue since she died last August (16).They opted for the Cavern site due to its historical significance and connection to the star's early career. Son Ben said their mother would be "made up" by the news.

The brothers also hope the statue will serve as a reminder to tourists about the origins of the original venue, which their mother was always keen to point out moved its entrance.

Cilla worked at The Cavern as a cloakroom girl before performing on stage in front of The Beatles, who helped her get signed with their manager Brian Epstein. She was introduced to Epstein by The Beatles' front man John Lennon, who persuaded him to audition her.

The singer's included Anyone Who Had a Heart and You're My World (1964) which both hit the number one spot in the UK charts.

After Cilla's death last August (15), the star's funeral was held in the city, and members of the public lined the streets to pay their respects.

British music legends Tom Jones and Cliff Richard were also in attendance.