Claire Foy keeps her awards in her ''downstairs toilet''.

The 32-year-old actress doesn't want her friends and family think she is ''showing off'' by openly displaying the prizes she's won for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Crown' so has opted for somewhere more discreet where her visitors can be surprised to catch a glimpse of the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award statuettes.

Asked where she keeps her awards, Claire said: ''In my toilet, not actually in my toilet but in my downstairs toilet.

''You can't put it anywhere noticeable, because everyone would be like, 'Oh yeah, showing off'' ''

Her co-star Matt Smith said: ''I think it's quite a good spot for it actually. It would be crass [to have it out on display].''

However, the 34-year-old actor - who plays Prince Philip in the Netflix drama series - admitted Claire is putting the awards at risk by having them in her second bathroom.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday (29.01.17) ahead of her Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series win, Claire said: ''Everyone can go in the toilet and be like, 'Oooooooooh.' ''

But Matt pointed out: ''Or try and steal it - it would be a good place to steal it.''

And the British actress also suggested she could find another use for her Golden Globe.

She said: ''It's so heavy. It's a real weapon.''

The two stars were thrilled to learn 'Candle in the Wind' singer Sir Elton John has been a big fan of the series.

Asked by E! News' Giuliana Rancic who they've heard is the most surprising fan of the show, Claire said: ''Lots of really cool young directors and writers have watched it and liked it, which is surprising, you wouldn't expect them to watch a programme about the royal family.''

Matt added: ''Elton John watched it, I heard, we like Elton.''

Claire agreed: ''We love Elton.''