Legendary movie star Clint Eastwood was riddled with guilt following the death of his father, because he was devastated he didn't spend more time with him.

The Mystic River film-maker resents the part of his personality which stifles his ability to express his emotions, especially when he recalls all the opportunities he should have taken to bond with his dad.

He says, "I've always been somewhat on the reserved side, so maybe I say less rather than more, but I think it's important to say it while people are alive rather than regret it.

"I remember when my father died, I went through a terrible guilt period where I wished I'd asked him to play golf more often. I was a young guy trying to make it as an actor and doing pretty well, and busy with my life, so I never took enough time.

"I wished I could have said, 'Let's hang out' or 'I love you' or whatever."

09/12/2004 21:24