Music mogul Clive Davis is adamant the death of his friend Whitney Houston should not be blamed on her controversial ex-husband Bobby Brown.

The I Will Always Love You hitmaker died of accidental drowning, with heart disease and cocaine use listed as contributing factors, in 2012.

While Houston herself admitted to getting high with her husband over the course of their 15-year marriage, many critics have put the blame for her tragic demise on the New Edition singer.

However, in an interview with Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, Houston's longtime producer and mentor Davis insists Brown is not the one responsible for her death.

He says, "I don't lay her problems at his doorstep. You know I never spent time with Bobby. I knew they loved each other and it was well documented how their problems were. It just obviously was not ultimately beneficial to either of them."

Davis is preparing to release the music icon's first ever live album, Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances, in November (14), and he reveals he is still very close to Houston's family.

He adds, "There has never been a time when I've not been on good terms with the family... I could not acted without the full support of her family and they could not have been more supportive or praiseworthy of our relationship and they've all turned to me."