The Sony Music boss raised the alarm in November (15) after reportedly receiving a threatening voicemail message from a man named Jeffrey Choi.

In the message, Choi allegedly said, "You're a piece of s**t... I will f**king kill you."

Authorities attempted to question Choi at his last known residence, only to find out he had moved. According to, they subsequently managed to reach him via phone, but he refused to meet with detectives unless he got a face-to-face chat with Davis himself.

They have yet to speak to Choi in person and as such, the case is still ongoing.

It's not the first time Davis has reported Choi to police - in 2011, the suspect lodged verbal complaints with Sony Music executives, accusing them of making songs about him without his permission.

He allegedly demanded compensation and threatened violence, prompting authorities to place him on a temporary psychiatric hold, but he was later released, reports TMZ.

Davis has yet to comment on the latest incident, which emerges as he prepares for his annual pre-Grammy Awards bash in Los Angeles on Sunday night (14Feb16).