Clive Owen is desperate to star in a comedy film.

The 52-year-old actor - who is known for playing the lead role as the Roman cavalry officer Arthur in 'King Arthur' - is eager to move away from action movies to appear in a ''really good'' humorous movie, which has his audience in hysterics.

Speaking about his future career plans, the dark-haired hunk said: ''I'd like to do a really good comedy.''

Although the 'Children Of Men' star has been approached to star in the genre of films, he has declined them because he did not find the projects were ''particularly funny''.

He continued: ''The odd scripts do come my way but I've not found any of them particularly funny - and that's obviously a problem when it comes to comedy. I like really blatant obvious laughs. So it would have to be something like that. Basically, I need to be in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', that's the bottom line here.''

And the Coventry-born star believes the key to a successful movie is the director, and he has claimed a ''good script'' can make a terrible production if the filmmaker leading the project is ''bad''.

He said: ''To believe the story. I have to empathise with the character to understand the decisions they make. Obviously the director is an important consideration too. A bad director with a good script is still a bad movie.''

Meanwhile, Clive has praised the film industry for enabling him to acquire more life skills.

He told Metro newspaper: ''Well that's the great thing about acting, you learn so many different skills along the way. When I was in 'Croupier' they sent me to croupier school; when I was in 'King Arthur' I learnt to ride a horse like a pro. Even with [hospital drama] 'The Knick' [Steven] Soderbergh brought in a medical historian and we had to learn all of these complicated operations from scratch. As an actor, you're continuously walking into these completely different worlds, and you have to adapt.''