Coldplay's Will Champion feared he'd blinded himself at Glastonbury.

The 38-year-old drummer accidentally poked himself in the eye with his sticks towards the end of the band's headline set at the world-famous music festival and couldn't enjoy the celebrations afterwards because he was in so much pain.

He said: ''I hit myself in the eyeball with a drumstick on the penultimate song. I couldn't see out of my left eye, so I was a little bit worried.

''Afterwards, everyone else was high-fiving and saying, 'It was amazing' and I was sort of cowering, thinking, 'I've blinded myself...'

''During the song we did with Michael Eavis, I had to have my eyes closed for the whole thing cos my eye was bleeding. It was a little bit of a comedown.''

One of the highlights of the year for the 'Adventure of a Lifetime' group was performing at Wembley stadium, but Will - who has daughter Ava, 10, and twins Juno and Rex, eight, with wife Marianne - admits the end of the shows was surreal for him because he was back home to his family so soon after coming off stage.

He told Q magazine: ''It's a real thrill to play in London and it does feel like a homecoming.

''You feel the warmth that people are really happy to be there.

''After one of the shows, I did a runner straight from the stage.

''I had to get home with my kids and I was at home in 20 minutes when people were probably still standing in front of the stage waiting to get out of the stadium.

''That was one of the weirdest moments I've had actually, it was a really strange feeling, to be back in my home helping my kids get into bed and then just being in a completely quiet, empty house 20 minutes after having come off the stage at Wembley Stadium.''