A planned biopic on Cuban revolutionary CHE GUEVARA starring BENICIO DEL TORO has been shelved - after the film's director decided to work on a film starring Colin Farrell first.

Film-maker Terrence Malick has halted preparation on CHE in favour of directing a drama about POCAHONTAS instead.

PHONE BOOTH star Farrell will play explorer JOHN SMITH in the movie - called THE NEW WORLD - which is expected to begin filming in Virginia this July (04).

Work on Che, which was also supposed to start filming in July (04), and boasts Franka Potente, Javier Bardem, Benjamin Bratt and Ryan Gosling as castmembers, has now been pushed back to the summer of next year (05).

OSCAR-winning TRAFFIC star Del Toro is now looking for another job to fill his unexpected summer vacancy.

09/03/2004 09:33