The Fresh Off the Boat actress has come under fire for speaking out about Hollywood whitewashing after she criticised actor Matt Damon for playing the hero in Chinese-American action movie The Great Wall, which follows the story of a band of soldiers battling monsters in ancient China.

Since her success in the critically acclaimed show, the 34-year-old Taiwanese-American actress has found that her social media statements are that much more amplified, but it's not a new thing for her to speak up.

"Because of my TV show, I suddenly have increased visibility. So the media's amplification of my voice is quite new," she told Teen Vogue. "But my voice and my passions are the same as they have always been since I was a teenager. I don't fear being outspoken. The only thing I fear is losing my sense of integrity, or losing sight of the values on which I guide my life."

Constance has found fame in the TV show which is loosely based on the life of chef Eddie Huang and his book Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir. But while she is enjoying her higher profile, including a lead role in movie Crazy Rich Asians, the actress has no plans to allow it to stop her for speaking out.

"People forget that they don't have access to my personal history because I don't post much on social media. Part of me still thinks the internet exists mostly for funny animal videos!" she smiled.

The Los Angeles based actress is currently involved with The Big Hundred, a nonpartisan social media campaign led by actors Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael, which encourages participants to do 100 good actions for 100 days post-inauguration,

Constance is also working with Miry’s List, an organisation that provides essentials to newly arrived immigrant and refugee families in Southern California.

"I chose this action because I admire people with the courage to make an immigrant journey in search of peace, safety and well-being for their families. I want them to find that and I wanted to be active in my care," she explained.