In a new satellite radio interview with the band's Scott Ian, Taylor reveals the opportunity to front Anthrax presented itself almost a decade ago, and he had hoped he would be the man to replace Joey Belladonna for the follow-up to the band's We've Come For You All album in 2003.

But executives at his management company and record label nixed the plans.

"I remember Charlie (Benante, Anthrax drummer) getting super stoked and sending me stuff, and I was starting to write lyrics," he recalls. "And then it all went to hell.

"I was literally getting ready to fly to Chicago to meet up with you guys. And here comes (Slipknot manager Cory) Brennan, here comes some people from Roadrunner, and it was, 'You can't do this.' And I'm, like, 'What do you mean I can't do this? I mean, we've got half an album'."

"I was so p**sed, dude..." he adds. "Basically, they strong-armed me, because they wanted the new Slipknot album, which, at the time, I was about the only person who could really kind of rein everybody in, to get them going; it was a very strange time. But they weren't gonna let me do it; they just straight-up weren't gonna let me do it.

"I just remember… just sitting in my kitchen and just being so downtrodden, just crestfallen, because I had looked so forward to everything. And the whole thing that I just kept saying was, 'I've let you guys down'. I thought Charlie was mad at me for the longest time."