The Put Your Records On star was devastated when she lost her first husband, Jason Rae, in 2008, when he was found dead of a suspected drugs overdose, aged 31. The coroner ruled the case as death by misadventure.

After struggling to cope with her grief, Corinne found love again when her friendship with Steve Brown turned into romance and the pair wed in 2013.

Now she's gearing up to release her new album The Heart Speaks in Whispers, which is inspired by her second chance at happiness.

"The songs come out of my own personal experience of feeling joy again," she told Billboard magazine. "There are lots of images of spring and green and new things coming through."

Corinne and Steve had worked together on her first two albums - her self-titled debut and second offering The Sea - as well as her latest record. And Corinne added their success as a couple also stems from their mutual respect for each other as musicians.

"I feel really lucky, because he's my favourite musician," she continued. "He insists on ­musical truth - that a recording should be a captured moment, not overworked in the studio."

To create the best music together, Corinne and her spouse decided to set up a recording studio inside their house in Leeds, England. They recorded The Heart Speaks in Whispers there, and Corinne loves the eccentricity of the environment.

"Our studio is all papier-mache art from India, weird German broadcasting equipment," she said. "Steve's got crazy keyboards from the former USSR. You have to go online to translate the different knobs, because it's all in Cyrillic.

"It's a great place to spend all day messing about. I have a term for other, you know, real 'professional' recording studios: Black Leather Couch Studios. The vibe is: 'Big hits have happened in this room! Timberlake has been here!'", she laughed.