Cory Monteith's father Joe could be cut off from his late son's estate as he confessed to not communicating with the actor for most of his life.

The Glee star passed away aged 31 in 2013 from a drug overdose, and his $810,000 (£506,250) estate is currently in the process of being finalised, according to

In court documents obtained by the gossip site, Joe Monteith states he did not keep in touch with his son from the time he was "nine years old until his twenties", and admitted to skipping out on child support payments.

Because of his admission, Cory's mother, Ann MCGregor, has claimed that under U.S. law, Joe should be blocked from receiving any money from their son's accounts.

The papers also reveal that Cory's old roommate, Zachary Larson, will now be in charge of paying off the remainder of the actor's debts, including $80,000 (£50,000) in taxes and $15,000 (£9,375) to unnamed creditors.