Lea Michelle is ''really happy'' with where her life is going.

The 30-year-old actress said that whilst she believes beauty comes from within, she's thankful she's never had an ''unhealthy relationship'' with food and has managed to stay in good shape her whole life.

She said: ''Beauty I think comes from the happiness within. And I'm really happy with my life right now.''

''I've never thankfully had a period where I had an unhealthy relationship with my body or food. But just the fact that I went from being someone who casually worked out to now someone who really works out, I think is the biggest accomplishment of the year.''

The 'Glee' star - who was in a relationship with her co-star Cory Monteith before his tragic death in 2013 - credits her family and friends for her happiness.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', the 'Scream Queens' actress said: ''I think for me right now... I just turned 30, I love my job, I have the greatest friends, such an incredibly family. What's not to be so happy and grateful for?''

And with such a tight support system, the 'New Year's Eve' actress is ready to take on just about anything, as she said previously that she prides herself on ''achieving goals and constantly growing''.

She said: ''I constantly set goals for myself, and then I achieve them. I'm not someone who says they're going to do something and then doesn't.

''Follow-through is a huge thing for me. It's something I look for in friendships and relationships,'' Michele continued. ''I pride myself on achieving goals and constantly growing and getting stronger. It's about not becoming stagnant or letting anything hold me back.''