Courtney Love's former bandmate KAT BJELLAND has urged the troubled rocker to seek help - even though she admits she always forgives the singer's errant behaviour.

Bjelland performed in SUGAR BABYLON with Love before making her name in nineties riot girl group Babes In Toyland, and still keeps in contact with the former HOLE star.

And while Bjelland is aware of all of Courtney's bad points, she admits she is like a mother to her.

She says, "Last time I spoke to Courtney was when she wanted me to join her 'supergroup'. Bast**d. Her people got in touch with a list of rules and conditions, though, and I couldn't see it being worth my mental health.

"I do really love Courtney; I'm like a mother who never feels like her child has done wrong. She's really got to get herself under control. I call her, call her dad, to make sure she's okay."

21/05/2004 09:20