Craig Revel Horwood wants to make more 'Nativity' movies.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge makes his film debut in 'Nativity Rocks!' and he had such a ''wonderful'' experience, he's hoping he gets signed up for further instalments in the festive franchise.

He told Heat magazine: ''I'm looking forward to that [coming out] The 'Nativity' films are very funny.

''I play a villain called Emmanuelle Cavendish who does his best to make sure everyone is unhappy.

''It was a wonderful experience and I would like to do more.''

The 53-year-old choreographer previously worked with Hugh Grant when he created a dance sequence for the final scene of 'Paddington 2' and was delighted to find the British actor to be a ''true pro'' as he expected someone more ''starry''.

He said: ''That was so much fun to do.

''Hugh had to learn to tap dance in a very short amount of time.

''He was nervous and he got very frustrated with himself at times but he came good.

''I thought he was going to be quite starry but he was down-to-earth, got on with the job and was a true pro.''

Meanwhile, Craig is very happy with his new partner, Jonathan, and appreciates the fact he has a career away from the showbiz industry.

He gushed: ''He's gorgeous and such a lovely guy.

''He's not affected by the business either.

''He's a horticulturalist and his love is plants.

''He's really knowledgeable, super-intelligent and it's just lovely.

''I'm very lucky and very happy.''

And though Craig doesn't feel ''compelled'' to have children, he'll support his partner if he wants a family.

He said: ''I'm 53 and Jonathan's 33 so he's quite young.

''If he wanted a family, because he's always talked about having one, I'm not totally against it. At the moment, I'm not compelled to have children or adopt, but there are so many kids out there that need a loving home.

''It would be kind of cool if Jonathan did want to go down that route but I'm leaving that decision up to him.''