The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun singer wasn't actually having much fun herself as her star rose in the 1980s and she reveals her depression hit her so hard she contemplated suicide.

But Cyndi has always conquered the lows by grabbing onto family for help and trying to be as positive as she can.

"There’s a lot of darkness (in life), but there’s also a lot of light," she tells Closer magazine. "I really try to bring a lot of light to myself.

"And I'm a family person. I love the heck out of them."

She hit another dark patch in 2015 while she was working on hit musical Kinky Boots, when she was struck down with autoimmune disease psoriasis, which caused her skin to break out in red, scaly patches.

"I had lost my voice, my strength," the 63-year old adds. "Yet I was still getting up and trying, while I was writing Kinky Boots."

Cyndi is now hopeful her dark days are behind her, telling the publication she's a happiness addict: "I don't think I have ever achieved greatness despite everything I've done," the True Colors singer explains, "but it’s not so much greatness, it’s happiness you need to focus on. Enjoying life is the best revenge. You have to stay connected to life and the things that excite you. Life is for learning."

Lauper is enjoying chart success again following the release of her country covers album Detour, which was released earlier this year (16).