Daft Punk got their ''human touch'' back on 'Random Access Memories'.

The dance duo are set to release their fourth album in May and collaborator Giorgio Moroder believes they have created an album which is a ''step forward'' for dance music.

In a video interview with The Creators Project, he said: ''They had to do something which is different, still dance, still electronic but to get that human touch back.

''Daft Punk wanted to do things in a way that is not just pushing a note or a chord. You definitely hear that it is nice and full and the drums and bass have that warm, full sound. It's time to have something new in the dance world, this is a step forward.''

The Italian producer - best known for his work with Donna Summer, which was instrumental in creating the disco sound - also told how the group, made up of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Tomas Bangalter, were obsessed with details in the studio.

He added: ''They are perfectionists. I would take 20 minutes or so to find a sound on a vocoder, maybe an hour, and they told me it took them a week or so, only to find the sound, and I don't know how many days to do the vocals.

''So I think they are going into every little detail. If you don't go into all those details its not going to be successful, although I must say my recordings with Donna Summer, we did them in basically in hours. Because I'm not always a detailed guy.''

'Random Access Memories' is released in Europe on May 17, in the UK on May 20 and the US on May 21.