Damian Lewis landed his breakout role with Steven Spielberg whilst hungover.

The 47-year-old actor found fame after starring in 2001's 'Band of Brothers' and has admitted he was still drunk from the night before when he went to meet the legendary director, who executive produced the show.

Speaking on The TODAY Show, he said: ''I go out and get absolutely hammered. I'm so excited. I'm in L.A. I did a really good audition for Tom Hanks. I come back at 3 in the morning and I get a phone call at 8 o'clock. 'Damian, Steven [Spielberg] would like to meet you now, can you be here by nine?' I have three showers, 17 cups of coffee and I go in shaking. And Steven is there, and he's already got his video on his shoulder and then they offered me the role, there in the room. It was great. It was a great day.''

Damian's admission comes after he revealed he doesn't regret his and his wife Helen McCrory's joint decision to go into the film industry.

He said: ''I must have made the decision that this is worth it, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. I know people who have put their careers to one side almost entirely for five, six, seven years while they bring their kids up and some of them get lucky afterwards and they can come back to work, get in the saddle and keep working, and some others haven't been so lucky at all. Helen and I made the decision that, while we would be hands-on parents as best we could during this time, we'd still keep on working and not derail our careers entirely. It is a difficult decision but then, we do need to make money.''