Damon Albarn wants to quit the UK over Brexit.

The former Blur musician has been left bitterly disappointed by the way the country has gone since the vote to leave the European Union, and he's channeled those frustrations into The Good, The Bad & The Queen's new album 'Merrie Land'.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper while in France, he admitted: ''Each note, every word, is linked to resentment that has accumulated in me since the Brexit.

''It's clearly not good living in England right now. Writing this album, it was like a letter of divorce with my own country...

''Maybe I'll come live here one day, but for now I'm a citizen of the world, I travel a lot.''

Britpop legend Damon revealed he was inspired to write the track 'Nineteen Seventeen' as he pondered why people wanted to sever ties with Europe.

He said: ''I got the idea on the Eurostar, just after the train emerged from the tunnel on the French side.

''Looking out of the window I could see so many similarities between the French countryside and the English.

''And I couldn't understand why my country wanted to cut ties with France and the rest of Europe.''

Meanwhile, Damon recently revealed he is saddened by the divide in the UK following the results of the referendum.

He previously explained: ''If I'd had any idea that we were going to act as a people in the way that we have - prior and post - I would definitely have come back a lot earlier, if you know what I mean.

''As a person who loves their country, I would have expressed a very strong opinion. In public.''