Daniel Radcliffe has said it would be ''ridiculous'' for him to play James Bond.

The 29-year-old actor - famous for portraying boy wizard Harry Potter - voices 007-inspired character Rex Dasher in new animated family adventure 'Playmobil: The Movie' but although he can convince as that character Radcliffe has ruled himself out of the running to replace Daniel Craig in the spy franchise because he doesn't believe he has the gravitas to slip into the tuxedo.

In an interview on BBC Radio 2 on 'The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show', he said: ''Rex Dasher is a Playmobil version of James Bond. There's a ridiculous thing that will sound suitably ridiculous to your listeners, because they know that it would be ridiculous for me to play James Bond in real life.

''But because I have an English accent I go to America, a lot of people think and say something to the effect of, 'You should be James Bond.' And I say, 'No, you're wrong.' So the chance to play Playmobil James Bond was like, 'That seems a little more my speed.'''

'Playmobil: The Movie' is based on the popular line of toys and Radcliffe admits it was great fun to portray Rex and be a ''very silly character''.

He said: ''He's a very, very silly, fun character. He's totally over-confident and oblivious. The film as a whole is about a young girl and her brother dealing with a traumatic and exciting incident at the beginning of the film, that's then healed by this crazy adventure they go on as they're sucked into a Playmobil fantasy universe.''

Although the movie includes several musical numbers, Radcliffe does not sing in his role.

The English star - who will be appearing opposite Alan Cumming in a production of Samuel Beckett's 'Endgame' at the Old Vic in January 2020 - said: ''It's also a musical, but don't worry I don't sing, so people won't have to experience that. It's left to others. It's very, very fun. I'm now at the point in my life when I have a few god-kids and a few friends with young kids and I haven't been able recommend they go see a film I've done for literally years.''