Danny Boyle doesn't think he'd be ''very good'' at directing a comic book movie.

The 'Trainspotting' filmmaker usually finds himself pondering how he would have tackled a script when he sees a film he likes but he thinks superhero films need to someone at the helm who has the genre in ''their bloodstream''.

Asked if he'd consider directing a comic book movie, he told Empire magazine: ''I wouldn't be very good at it.

''I saw the 'Spider-Man' movie, the animation, and I thought it was wonderful, but out of my league.

''Normally when you see a movie like that, you think, 'I could maybe do that.' I didn't think, 'Maybe' with this.

''It had a sensibility that felt truthful to its origins.

''Whoever made this, it is part of their bloodstream. You've got to recognise that you have no idea how to get there.

''I don't think you should attempt one unless it's in your bloodstream... Comics really aren't in my bloodstream.''

And Danny admitted he ruled himself out of directing 'Alien: Resurrection' for similar reasons.

He said: ''Wonderfully, I got to meet Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder as a prospective candidate [to direct].

''That meant to very nice lunches, one in Prague with Sigourney Weaver and then one in Los Angeles with Winona Ryder I was living the life.

''They didn't bar me from directing them so I barred myself.

''I loved the script. It was a Joss Whedon script before Joss Whedon was a real name. It was a really good script, I thought.

''It went trough a whole process. Those 'Alien' films after Ridley [Scott] and James Cameron had a history of going through the mangle of the studio system.

''The problem was the industry was in a transition point How much were you going to do for real, as Ridley had done, where people wear suits? How much would you need to learn about emerging technologies that could portray this world?

''I realised I was not the person to be in that transition between the two forces. If CG hadn't arrived, I would have been a decent person to say, 'We are going to do it with wrestlers or athletes who have a physicality.'

''My analogue mind does not work nimbly in that CG world.''