The rocker has invited fans to a MEGADETH Boot Camp experience at his home in Fallbrook later this month (10-12Mar17), and he wants them to have a spiritual breakthrough as they rock out with their heroes.

He tells Rolling Stone, "(Bassist) David Ellefson is a pastor and we'll do a small churchy kind of thing, so that David can feel connected with them.

"I was thinking, 'What's the greatest way for David to feel complete with everyone? I figured it would be great if he came and did a 12-step thing and leaves. That way it's a super personal way for people to connect with him, because if I was going to allow someone to connect with me on a more personal level, there really is no better way."

Asked what he wants fans to take away from the once-in-a-lifetime experience, he jokes, "Certainly none of the furniture," adding, "The thing I'd most like people to take away from this is that we're good people. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy an intimate experience with us and learn a little bit about who we are and what we do.

"We did something like this before, and I was thinking about the lessons we give, so I hope everybody feels like they get their money's worth... I'm going to do a private clinic for a half an hour."

The Megadeth Boot Camp will also include "a meditational programme" with Ellefson.