Mustaine insists he is there in spirit, because he was a member of Metallica, who were inducted last year (16), in the early 1980s - but he wasn't among the bandmates on the podium.

And, responding to a fan who felt MEGADETH should be among the acts considered for induction, the heavy rocker claims the Hall of Fame bosses are "opposed" to him being there.

"I think that the @rockhall is opposed to me being in there," he tweeted, adding, "It is one of my bucket list items: The R&R HOF and my Grammy... I am in there (Hall of Fame) bcuz (because) of Met (Metallica) in a way. But I'd like Megs (Megadeth) to go!"

Mustaine told Noisey last year he had been invited to attend Metallica's induction celebration, but not as a band member.

"No matter what those guys say or what anybody believes about their induction ceremony, they wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for me being in the band, because I was there in the beginning," he said, "so I have some satisfaction."

Mustaine was dismissed from the band in 1983 and replaced by Kirk Hammett.

Citing European tour commitments for not attending last year's (16) induction ceremony, he said, "I'm not gonna sit in the audience and watch the band I started with these two guys get inducted and me not be a part of it."