British musician Dave Stewart has cleared up reports suggesting he wasn't invited to Annie Lennox's wedding, insisting his previous remarks were misquoted.

Stewart hit headlines over the summer (13) when he reportedly told Britain's The Independent newspaper that he rarely speaks to his former Eurythmics bandmate and wasn't asked to join the party at her wedding in London last year (Sep12).

The star has now spoken out to clarify up the confusion, confirming he did receive an invitation but he was unable to fly back to Britain from his home in Los Angeles. Stewart insists he was unable to find childcare for his kids, and he was also mourning the death of his director friend Tony Scott, who committed suicide that August (12).

He tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph, "No (it's not true). Of course not. It's insane. We're best friends. Of course we were invited to the wedding. She was dancing at my wedding... I want to correct this... (Lennox emailed me and) she's like, 'Why are you saying this? Of course you were invited.' I'm like, 'I know!'... We had two young daughters at school, an 11 year old and a 13 year old, we didn't have a nanny and it (the wedding) was in England for two days. It was at the same time as loads of other things, which Annie knew... It's all b**locks (rubbish) anyway, so who cares?"

Stewart goes on to insist he is still close to his friend and former collaborator, adding, "We still have periods of being together. Annie has come to stay at the farmhouse in L.A. where I live with my new wife... Annie is one of the most brilliant, amazing people and characters I ever met. We are there for each other, whatever, through thick and thin."