Dave Stewart wants to perform on stage with Eurythmics again.

The 65-year-old musician would love to reunite with chart-topping singer Annie Lennox to form the new wave band once again, but he says that he'd much rather head out on a tour to perform ''big live shows'', rather than get into a studio to record a new album.

He said: ''If I have anything to do with it we should be definitely playing live. I've never officially broken up Eurythmics ... What people don't realise is that we were a live band, we toured and did big live shows.''

The 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' hitmaker then went on to praise 63-year-old Annie's unique voice, which he claimed is distinctive and ''soulful''.

Speaking on UK radio station BBC Radio 2, Dave said: ''The thing with Annie's voice is that there is a tambour to it, there are loads of singers out there and millions of singing competitions but there are only a few singers who have a voice that has a tambour to it, and you go, 'That's Annie Lennox singing.' It's not just the voice, there's a soul to it.''

Eurythmics - who were most popular during the 80s and 90s - haven't released an album since 1999, when they put out their ninth studio album 'Peace', but it looks like they won't be in a rush to put out their 10th any time soon.

The duo also haven't been out on a tour together since 1999's 'Peace' tour, which was their fifth tour as a band.

In February 2014, Annie and Dave reunited for a special performance at the 'The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles' show, which marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' first performance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'.

During the performance, they played a rendition of Beatles track 'The Fool on the Hill'.