David Arquette has challenged wrestling critics to a fight after being labelled a ''joke'' by some fans.

The 47-year-old actor is trying to ''prove'' himself as a wrestler, and he has hit out at the stigma attached to a Hollywood star embracing the new career on the independent scene.

In a series of tweets, he ranted: ''I love all the hate I'm getting here. It baffles me that these people can love wrestling just like I do but I'm a joke in their eyes. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing.

''8 months of training. Two surgeries, 3 broken ribs, traveling across the US, getting stiffed by promoters, helping shine a light on talent I believe in that aren't getting recognized, doing little things I won't mention to give back to both wrestling and individual wrestlers and I'm the asshole?

''Wrestling is for the people and by the people. I may have grown up in Hollywood but I'm not some stuck up punk. I had and opportunity to be a part of WCW when I was in my 20's to travel with some of my heroes in the ring and I took it.

''I'm done apologizing. Now I just want to kick some ass so any of you b****es have a problem with me I'll see you in Tennessee or wherever I'm wrestling and we can settle it like men.(sic)''

His comments have gone down well with legends of the business, with Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman taking to social media to offer words of encouragement.

He said: ''I see you out here working harder than most at this. Putting your time in the gym to look the part. You also respect our business more than a lot that I see. I appreciate that. I hope you don't quit.''

In 2000, David began competing in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) bouts, primarily to promote his movie 'Ready To Rumble' but he thinks his championship win was a ''disgrace'' and he's spent the years since trying to ''prove'' himself in the wrestling world, which is why he accepted the Death Match.

He previously explained: ''18 years ago, I won a WCW World Heavyweight Belt. But that win was a big disgrace to the belt and the wrestling community and ever since people have been criticising me.

''I really wanted to prove myself and stand up for myself. I was sick of being bullied and for people thinking I'm just some punk from Hollywood.''

It comes after Arquette was left with an infected cut in his neck after a ''gruesome'' 'Death Match' with Nick Gage last month.