David Arquette doesn't let his daughter search him on Google.

The 45-year-old actor has 13-year-old daughter Coco with his ex-wife Courteney Cox, and has said the one rule he has laid down for the teenager is that she must not use the popular search engine to find out information about her father.

David - who also has sons Charlie West, three, and Augustus Alexis, four months, with his wife Christina McLarty - said: ''With Coco, there's a 'Don't Google Daddy' clause.''

And although he might not have many rules for his children to follow, the 'Scream' star admits there are ''hundreds of things'' he would re-do as a parent.

He added: ''I could put a list together. There are so many things. [There are] hundreds of things.''

David also dished about his most embarrassing moment as a parent, when he donned a Spider-Man outfit in order to please his son Charlie.

He said: ''I decided to put on the Spider-Man outfit that [Charlie]'s been asking me to put on. It's a commitment -- it's a tight outfit. There's no hiding in a Spider-Man outfit. I'm not really in Marvel shape at the moment.''

David and his spouse want their children to be happy and healthy, but Christina does have a future profession in mind for Charlie.

In a joint interview with People magazine for 'Celeb Parents Get Real', Christina said: ''Truth be told, I want Charlie to be president of the United States.''

Meanwhile, the 'Never Been Kissed' actor previously dubbed Christina as his ''hero'' when she was pregnant with their second child.

He said: ''She's doing good. It's not easy, it's so hard. I think the second pregnancy is a little harder than the first. She's got morning sickness on this one.

''Being pregnant and watching a little rascal that's firmly in his terrible twos is pretty difficult. She a trooper, she's doing great. She's my hero.''