David Ayer has filed for divorce.

The 'Suicide Squad' director and his wife Mireya - who have been married for almost 15 years - split up recently, with David listing the date of separation as July 29.

TMZ reports that David cited ''irreconcilable differences'' and has agreed to pay spousal support to Mireya, the mother of his four children aged between eight and 14.

David and Mireya tied the knot on September 26, 2002 and they did not have a prenup.

David has found huge success in Hollywood; in 2001 he wrote the scripts for 'Training Day' and 'The Fast And The Furious'.

He also wrote and directed 'End Of Watch' and 'Fury'.

He is currently working on 'Bright' with Will Smith for Netflix and has praised the streaming service for allowing him creative freedom.

He said: ''They let you be a filmmaker. Ain't no bull s**t, PG-13 studio movie. This is real s**t. You haven't seen this before. This is a new kind of thing we're doing.''

Will and David previously worked together on 'Suicide Squad', with the actor admitting he appeared in that movie instead of starring in 'Independence Day: Resurgence'.

Will previously explained: ''I had the two screenplays in front of me for the 'Independence Day 2' and for 'Suicide Squad'. I had to choose between the two of those.

''Even the choice of going to 'Suicide Squad' - nothing about the qualities of the movie - but the choice of trying to go forward versus clinging and clawing backwards.

''I do want to aggressively go forward and do new things and create and hopefully be able to stumble upon a new heyday.''