David Duchovny let go of the grudges he held against his father after becoming a dad himself.

The 'X-Files' star has daughter Madelaine West, 19, and son Kyd Miller, 16, with his ex-wife Téa Leoni, and has said that whilst he harboured hard feelings toward his own father for not spending as much time with him as he would've liked when he was young, he now understands how difficult parenting can be.

Speaking to People Now, he said: ''You let go of so much stuff. Because you're like, this is impossible! No wonder we all make mistakes.

''I probably didn't get as much of my dad as I wanted as a kid. There was always that kind of hunger for him.''

David's daughter recently appeared in an episode of the revival of 'The X-Files', and the 58-year-old star said he was ''nervous'' to see her on set, but relaxed once he saw she was a natural on screen.

He said: ''I was very nervous. Not necessarily that she was going to be on the show, but just that she was going to be on set and acting. I was way more nervous than I've ever been for myself. I was actually just telling this story with her the other day, and I saw her do one take and I was like 'She's fine, I'm leaving'. She was like 'Yeah, you left!' I said 'Yeah, you didn't need me.'''

The 'Aquarius' star has a similar feeling when he watches his son play baseball.

He added: ''My son is a pitcher and it's like you know, I'd rather be pitching. I'd be less nervous if I was pitching. Plus I'd be playing against high schoolers which would give me an advantage.''

Despite his daughter's appearance on the show, David says his children ''don't care'' about the importance of 'The X-Files', but he doesn't mind because he'd rather focus on their achievements than his own.

He said: ''They don't care and that's fine. I don't need them to be impressed or proud of me, I'd rather be impressed and proud of them.''