David Duchovny and Tea Leoni's marriage is back on - and the couple has sealed their love with matching wedding ring tattoos.
The pair announced the end of its 11-year marriage back in October (08), after Duchovny underwent a spell in rehab to treat sex addiction.
But the actors have since worked out their differences and sealed their reunion with a March (09) vacation on the Caribbean island of Mustique - and matching tattoos on their ring fingers.
Duchovny explains to Star magazine, "I hate wearing the metal because I bang it everywhere and hurt myself. We made a compromise and I said, 'If I get a tattoo, can I take the ring off?' She liked it and went out and got one for herself."
But Duchovny is refusing to explain what the tattoo means: "It's a phrase we say to each other but I don't actually tell anybody. It's AYSF. It stands for something."