Hollywood couple David Duchovny and Tea Leoni spent the summer touring across America in a bus.
The actors rented a "rock 'n' roll tourbus" and took their kids on a road trip to Nevada, Texas and Amish country.
Duchovny admits he couldn't believe how big his home on wheels was: "It's a lot of bus... There were 12 bunks and there was only four of us; it was all bunks."
And the X-Files star had issues with the vehicle's lavatory rules.
He adds, "There was a toilet but we were advised to go... we could go number one (urinate)."
The family had to poop into bags if they couldn't wait until the next stop, and Duchovny jokes, "I became my own dog."
The highlight of the trip was a stopover with an Amish family.
The actor explains, "We spent a full day with an Amish family... It was refreshing because they had no idea who (I was)... but the son... recognised my wife from Bad Boys, so apparently that's a big movie with the Amish."