David Duchovny admits being separated from his family is "tough".

The 'X Files' actor split from wife Tea Leoni last year but the pair have since reconciled and are concentrating on providing their two children, Madelaine, 10, and seven-year-old Kyd, with a happy and loving home.

Speaking at the Toronto Film Festival, David said: "I had to leave them this morning to come here - that's tough. But everything is great."

David spent the recent summer vacation with his family and enjoyed every moment of their precious time together.

He said: "Just being with my kids and watching them open up. Just watching them relate to new people and new experiences - it's just great seeing them as little people."

Derrick Borte - who directed David in his latest movie 'The Joneses' - says it was clear how much of a family man the actor is during filming.

He said: "I'd go visit him in his trailer and one of them is hiding in the cabinets in there and they're running around... climbing all over him.

"He's a prankster and a jokester and really keeps everybody fresh and loose just by his humour."