Britain's Daily Mail newspaper has officially apologised to David Duchovny for suggesting a romance with a tennis coach ended his marriage to Tea Leoni.
In the October (08) article, the Mail alluded to a possible affair between Duchovny and his coach Edit Pakay.
The actor immediately denied the report and filed a defamation suit in Los Angeles.
The publication printed an apology to the star on Saturday (15Nov08), admitting the newspaper's original story was "inaccurate".
The apology read, "We now accept this is inaccurate and Ms. Pakay and Mr. Duchovny are only friends who used to play tennis occasionally. Their relationship went no further and was not a factor in Mr. and Mrs. Duchovny's separation. We apologise to Ms. Pakay, Mr. Duchovny and to Mr. Duchovny's family."
Duchovny and Leoni separated in October after 11 years of marriage.