David Foster says being single is a ''powerful feeling''.

The 67-year-old musician announced his split from his 53-year-old wife Yolanda Hadid in December 2015, and despite being romantically linked to model Christie Brinkley last month, he has said he's ''not used'' to being single.

He said: ''I tend to go from marriage to marriage--leaving one wife for another. This is the first time in my adult life that I've been single. It's a very powerful feeling, but I'm not used to it.''

And David - who has also previously been married to BJ Cook, Rebecca Dyer, and Linda Thompson - admits he's only just starting to be ''very careful'' about who he decides to settle down with.

He added to Vanity Fair magazine: ''Someone said to me recently that you need to be very careful about the person you pick to spend the rest of your life with. It's kind of weird that I'm hearing that now and thinking, 'Oh, right.'''

The news comes after Yolanda, 53, filed for divorce in January 2016 after her Lyme disease diagnoses put a strain on their relationship.

She said at the time: ''We had a beautiful love story that I will treasure forever. Unfortunately, it was not strong enough to withstand the circumstances that came our way.

''Chronic, long-term illness is extremely challenging. Not only for the person sick but also for the caregiver. It for sure changed the dynamic of the relationship.

''The truth is that we both worked through the difficult time through the best of our ability, so rather than judging what went wrong, I pick to remember the great times that we shared the last nine years. There was a wealth of good times.''