Legendary writer David Mamet writes all of his plays and movies with a typewriter - claiming he doesn't even know how to turn on a computer.
The 60-year-old's stage credits include Speed-the-Plow, Glengarry Glen Ross and American Buffalo, and Oscar nominations for his screenplays for The Verdict and Wag the Dog.
Mamet is as prolific in middle age as he has ever been, but is steadfastly refusing to be lured into the digital age.
He says, "I don't know anything about computers, I don't know how to turn them on. I don't have the time. There's nothing about them that seems to offer me anything I can't do elsewhere, so I'd rather do it the way I know how."
Mamet is also convinced he is saving himself from a time-consuming addiction: "Everyone in my family and elsewhere in the world gets addicted to them. They're supposed to be labour-saving devices, but they just seem to be a waste of time."